Another of two new songs – “Unending Dawn”

About “Unending Dawn”

This new Taylor Project song is one of two uploaded in June 2017.


Scuffy the Little Red Painted Tugboat noted in a classic 1946 Golden Book that “there is no beginning and there is no end to the sea!” And as per many a hilarious-drinking-problem-pun, “it’s five o’clock somewhere!” There is also no beginning, and no end, to the dawn. It’s always dawn somewhere, whereupon some things will never see the light of day again, and other things will just begin again. Again. The closest we get to escaping this is in a plane, while the usual pre-dawn rituals of drunks and rubbish trucks and fitful forgotten dreams are carried out far below.

Liz thought of these lyrics while listening to the Handsome Family, looking out her window as the last planes landed in the sunset. As above for “Elon Musk”, we recorded up in Elmore in May 2017. Andrew did the mixing. We basically took an Agile development framework (without calling it as such), aiming for a quick turnaround from inception to production. Hence the release in June 2017 as a pair rather than as part of a full album.

p.s. Those photos are at the airport viewing area near Tullamarine Airport. There’s a popular food van there, glowing eerily.

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